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Workshops and Talks

Important: The workshops is now fully booked


Sunday November 23rd

Architectsonics: The Heritage of Collaboration between Music, Sound, Architecture and the Natural World
John Drever, Head of Unit for Sound Practice Research, Program Lead, Music Department, Goldsmiths University of London

Performance Design: Spatial Audio Technologies and their application to Dance

Sound and Movement: Themes and Aims

Tuesday November 25th

Body and Space: Final remarks and conclusion of the workshop
Tony Thatcher, Lead of MA Choreography at Laban


Monday November 24th

The Game of Life System for Wave Field Synthesis (FULLY BOOKED)
This workshop is aimed to introduce you to the Wave Field Synthesis sound system of 192 loudspeakers. It is organised in a square surrounding the listener, and is able to perform a wave field synthesis for the placement of virtual sound sources within the diffusion area. You will be introduced to the WFSCollider software by Wouter Snoei. This software allows precise control of the system, playback sounds, and positioning of the sound sources. It comes with a graphical interface to facilitate the design of trajectories in space and time, and many more variables to control the sound diffusion parameters.

Wouter Snoei, Composer and Software programmer

Tuesday November 25th

Sonic Movement and Dance, a demo session (FULLY BOOKED)
This demo session will present some case studies of the application of dance choreography to 'sound sources movement'. We will explore the dancer's perception and interpretation, the relationship with sound on stage, and the audience's perspective.

Jalianne Li, Choreographer of surFace Dance Company, Moncton, Canada
Tommaso Perego, Sound Designer and Lecturer at University of Kent