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Unit for Sound Practice Research, Goldsmiths University, London

Goldsmiths University is supporting this event in kind, coordinating the finances and logistics. The Unit of Sound Practice Research has contributed to the planning, funding and concept of the event.

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Laban is supporting this event in kind, providing the studio space and facilities to install the equipment and to host the event. With the help of Tony Thatcher, Lead of MA Choreography at Laban, we have chosen the historical and symbolic space of the Old Laban Centre in Laurie Grove. This space was founded by R. Laban for research in movement after he fled to the UK. The building sits in between Goldsmiths University Music Department and the New Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. It seemed to be the ideal location for hosting a symposium where music and dance artists, scholars and practitioners could join and discuss new ideas.

The Game of Life Foundation

Besides inventing and constructing the 192 loudspeaker Wave Field Synthesis system, The Game of Life Foundation from The Netherlands gives a unique opportunity to composers from all over the world to practice with this technological innovation for free. We are very grateful to feature their system and work at our event in London.

surFace Dance

surFace Dance from Moncton, Canada, is a dance company founded by Jalianne Li. She researches movement potential in the face, by seeing the face as composed of parts and not as a means for expression, and how facial movement can then interact with the rest of the body in a wider choreographic scope.

Mondriaan Foundation

Mondriaan is the sponsor of this event. Thanks to Mondriaan's help we could afford the transportation and production costs of hiring The Game of Life sound system. The foundation seeks to promote Dutch culture internationally. In this occasion, they are sponsoring The Game of Life Foundation for their unique innovation in audio technology, the first ever mobile system built for Wave Field Synthesis.

A special thank you to:

Maia Sambonet

Maia is the artist that created and donated the beautiful logo on the cover and flyers.


Lilithwork is curating the interviews, documentation and archive of the whole event. Lilithwork has also been supporting the idea and its development.

All Volunteers

Many many people have helped and contributed in the realisation of this event. Sergio Voci, Okan Gonultas, Julia Villard, Julia D. and Olivia J., Arthur Sauer, Arlene and John Li, Gianluca and Luisella Perego, Mona Kriegler and many more. Thank you so much again.

The background picture for this website is Elena Cocci, Dancer with the Game of Life System. Photo by Sebastian Simet.

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